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11980 East 16th Avenue  Aurora, Colorado 80010                                     

P: 720-343-2800

Who We Are

The Brent Eley Foundation owes its success throughout the years to the contributions and support of many dedicated and talented individuals. Donn and Linda Eley’s vision of a home of hope and healing has come to life as a result of the generosity of volunteers, staff and the Foundation’s Board of Directors. While the faces may change from time to time, each person leaves an indelible mark on the organization and those it serves.


Our Vision and Mission

Brent's Place strives to provide a unique home away from home, that vigilantly protects the fragile health of patients while also strengthening the integrity of the family unit, enriching day-to-day life and fostering an unwavering community of support.

The Brent Eley Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.

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