Skål International USA announces

program to help hospitality workers




The ‘USA Hospitality Strong Relief Fundraiser’ project launched nationally on April 11 on Anthony Melchiorri’s Podcast, ‘Checking in with Anthony & Glenn’, and through Skål International USA, a professional travel and Tourism global organization with 45 clubs and 1,800 members located throughout the United States.

All of the funds raised by this GoFundMe drive will be distributed to hospitality workers that have served our communities and have been essential to the travel industry,  whether working in hotels, restaurants, catering facilities, attractions or one of many other hospitality related organizations that are a bedrock of the Tourism economy.

David Ryan, President of Skål International USA, explains, “with over ten million industry workers losing their jobs, it is critical we reach out to these distressed workers and get them some help. Our membership is employed in the travel and Tourism industry which has been devastated. According to a recent Skål International USA survey, over 30% of our membership have either lost their jobs or taken a pay cut since the Coronavirus outbreak.”

“It’s important to note that the hospitality industry is the #1 employer in the USA second only to government held positions” said Ryan.