Plan A         Best suited for active members who are able to attend most meetings during the year.

                                      $680 or $290 in January and $130 the other three quarters                                                                              (INCLUDES $140 SKAL INTL AND SIUSA DUES)

                                      $30 Initiation fee for new members       


Plan B          Designed for the busy active member who may have to miss several meetings due to                                     travel and other events. In addition to the club dues you only pay for those meals you                                     are able to attend.

                                      $360 or $260 in January and $100 in July

                                      (INCLUDES $140 SKAL INTL AND SIUSA DUES)

                                      $30 Initiation fee for new members       

Life/Retired  In 2019 we had fourteen members who are now out of the workforce but are a vital part of                              our membership. In addition to their club dues they only pay for those meals they are able to                          attend.

                                     $270 or $220 due in January and $50 in July          

                                     (INCLUDES $136 SKAL INTL & SIUSA DUES)

                                     (NOTE:  Only available after 5 years as an active member)


Note:             Dues are payable in January and if possible full payment allows us to avoid billing you in July.                        Dinner payments are billed monthly for non-Plan A members




Meals            Most dinners are $45, Oct Auction/Dinner is $50-$65. Dec holiday dinner is $65 for non-Plan                             A members


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Membership Dues - 2021
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